Us Mob and HIV


These Yarns are true personal stories from individuals who have shared their experiences with HIV and sexual health. Names may have been changed to protect their privacy. 

Michael's Yarn

"Keeping an undetectable viral load is good for your health because it stops the virus doing damage to your body and Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U) means you cannot pass HIV on."
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Jane's Yarn

"Remember that being Sistergirl is strong and powerful, and we are resilient, so keep yourself safe at all times especially when having sex. Always love yourself no matter what."
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Jayden's Yarn

"As a gay man HIV has always been something that has scared me and sometimes has cause anxiety when having sex. Knowing the risks, I was always sure I used a condom which eased my anxiety during sex."
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Kirra's Yarn

"as a Sistergirl on PrEP I know I have taken the right steps to protect myself from HIV regardless of my gender and sexual life."
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Michelle's Yarn

"Life does not stop if your test comes back HIV Positive, you can still work, you can still play sport, Women can still have babies and we can drink from the same cup."
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