Us Mob and HIV


I did not know that I was at “risk of HIV” until after a Positive HIV test, and I did not know about PrEP, (HIV prevention). HIV and treatment get easier over time. I started treatment straight away and was undetectable within a few months. Keeping an undetectable viral load is good for your health because it stops the virus doing damage to your body and Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U) means you cannot pass HIV on.

At first it was hard to remember to take my medication, so I would set an alarm on my phone. If people asked, what is the alarm for? I would tell them, it is time to take my vitamins! Why do you take vitamins? I would tell them, to stay healthy. So, because I am undetectable, I do not have to worry about passing HIV on to my sexual partners. I see my doctor for regular check-ups and sexual health screening. Once my HIV is under control, I can focus on living my life.


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