Us Mob and HIV

Michelle's Yarn

As a woman being diagnosed with HIV in the early 90’s then having a baby, and not knowing if I passed on the virus was scary, luckily she was ok. Many things have changed since the 90’s, such as new medication, taking PrEP which can prevent HIV or using condoms.

If you get tested for HIV and the result is that you are now HIV Positive, you can start medication straight away so that you can now live a long life. Taking your HIV medication every day stops you from passing it on. Life does not stop if your test comes back HIV Positive, you can still work, you can still play sport, Women can still have babies and we can drink from the same cup.

It is important to talk to your doctor if you have other health conditions that might cause problems with your HIV medication. Yarning with Mob who are living with HIV can help you get through the tough times, so you are not alone.


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