Us Mob and HIV

About HIV

What is HIV?

HIV is a type of germ called a virus.

HIV damages your immune system. This means your body cannot fight germs or other diseases, like a cold or flu.

HIV makes it hard for your body to keep itself well.

Unlike most other germs, there is no medicine to get rid of HIV. Once you get HIV, it stays in your body.

HIV stands for:
Only people get it.
It damages your immune system which is what keeps your body well.
It is a virus (germ).

Find out the facts.

HIV in our community affects us all.

What is AIDS?

HIV is not AIDS. If people have HIV and do not get treatment, their immune system will become so weak that they will get unusual illnesses. When HIV has gone this far, doctors call it AIDS.

AIDS is very serious. In fact, people with AIDS are more likely to get diseases that can kill them.

Taking treatment can stop you getting AIDS.

AIDS stands for:
You can only get HIV from someone who already has it.
It affects your immune system, which fights off germs.
Your immune system stops working properly.
People get sick from it in different ways.
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