Us Mob and HIV


Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome – HIV will become AIDS if it is not treated. AIDS can kill you.

Antibodies are made by the immune system to fight germs.

Antiretroviral therapy 
Medicine that attacks HIV.

CD4 (T4) cell 
Part of your blood that protects you from illness and that is damaged by HIV.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus - a germ you can get from sex, sharing needles, and can be passed on from mothers to baby.

Immune System 
Your body’s way of protecting itself against illness.

Your body is not able to protect itself.

Hep B 
Hepatitis B – a type of liver sickness caused by a germ mainly spread by sex, sharing needles, and mothers to baby.

Hep C 
Hepatitis C – a type of liver sickness mainly spread by sharing injecting equipment.

Needle and Syringe Program – a place where people who inject drugs can get injecting equipment, information and support.

Post-Exposure Prophylaxis – a pill you take everyday for a month very soon after a possible exposure to HIV to prevent HIV.

People Living with HIV.

PrEP Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis – a pill that HIV negative people take to prevent HIV.

Sexually Transmissible Infections – diseases that can be passed on when having sex.

Treatment as Prevention 
When a person with HIV takes treatment and has an ‘undetectable viral load’, they cannot pass on HIV.

Undetectable viral load 
When a person with HIV takes treatment and the amount of HIV in their blood is so small, it doesn’t show up in tests.

Viral load 
How much HIV is in your blood.

A small organism (germ) often causing illness.

Window period 
How long it takes for HIV to show up in a test – usually 6 to 12 weeks after it enters your body.
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