Us Mob and HIV

Jane's Yarn

Being a Sistergirl who has volunteered and worked in a sexual health organisation for several years, I have found that for many in our community shame and stigma can be hard to face when it comes to HIV.

I know a few people that I am close with who have HIV and they have told me their struggles and hardships, especially when accessing services, they are comfortable with. The shame and fear that Sistergirls experience in approaching sexual health clinics and services can be daunting. But we have to keep in mind that services must be confidential especially regarding HIV. There are great services, clinics, doctors, and sexual health workers that can be very helpful, and treatment has progressed so far to manage HIV.

As a Sistergirl working in a sexual health organisation, I have seen how important it is to have a good support network, whether they are friends, family or others when being diagnosed or living with HIV. Remember that being Sistergirl is strong and powerful, and we are resilient, so keep yourself safe at all times especially when having sex. Always love yourself no matter what.


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