Us Mob and HIV


Your HIV test is your business

Before you get tested you should think carefully about who you want to tell about your plans. It can be good to tell someone you trust so they can give you support. But if you want to keep your business private, think about who you can trust.

Getting tested for HIV is your own private business. Only your doctor, nurse or Aboriginal Health Worker needs to know. They are not allowed to tell anyone about your HIV test results unless you say they can. They are not even allowed to tell anyone whether you have had a HIV test.

If you are worried about seeing someone at your local health centre, you could think about seeing a different clinic, or someone in another town or area.

Everything about your HIV test is private:

  • You have the right to yarn with a counsellor before and after the test. Those conversations are private.
  • Your blood samples at the laboratory have numbers (a code) not names on them.
  • Your results are private business.

Get tested for HIV!

And while you're there, ask for testsĀ for other illnesses that can be passed through blood and sex.

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