Us Mob and HIV

About HIV

How do you get HIV?

Anyone can get HIV. HIV is passed on through contact with:

  • blood
  • semen (cum)
  • pre-cum
  • vaginal fluids
  • rectal (anal) fluids
  • breast milk

HIV can be passed on from:

  • Vaginal and anal sex without condoms
  • Sharing needles and other injecting equipment
  • Carrying parent to baby, through pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding.

It is not likely but occasionally it can also get passed on by:

  • Sharing razors and other cutting, piercing or tattooing equipment
  • Getting body fluids that can pass on HIV in cuts or in your mouth. This includes a person bleeding from accidents or during fights.

You cannot get HIV from things like:

  • saliva
  • kissing and hugging
  • sharing cups or forks
  • toilet seats or towels 
  • mosquitoes
  • sweat
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